This is an example of the
French Collection Portrait style.

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Have you ever wished you could look glamourous... even like a film star? If you normally hate yourself in photographs and find a visit to a photographic studio nerve racking - we have the answer.
With our professional Make-up and and Portrait sessions we can create beautiful pictures for every woman of any age. Daniel Valla uses specialised photographic techniques combined with the touch of elegance and the feel of romance only the French have....

Results are breathtaking.

This is not an ordinary portrait session, but we aim to create a relaxed atmosphere. You can bring a friend, bring a tape of your favourite music and we will give you an experience of two hours of fun and a fantastic French Collection Portrait can be yours to treasure for life.

Be the envy of your friends and colleagues or make it unique personalised gift for your loved one.

We guarantee satisfaction but don't take our word for it! Contact us today to discover there's a star in all of us.