How To Take Your Own Wedding Photographs.
WEDDING Photography is EXPENSIVE. So Why not do it Yourself !

To be up to the latest trends, you travel and meet other top portraits and wedding photographers in Europe and Canada, to discuss and shareinformation, work together with professional models from France, Holland and Italy, in order to develop exclusive styles and techniques. You do this a couple of times every year.

Then you visit camera, film, albums and frames manufacturers, and choose a proper camera for the job. There is a Hasselblad H4D-50MS camera
body and digital back from Sweden which can be yours for a mere £24,493- and we recommend the finest Zeiss lenses from Germany: you need a wide angle 38mm Biogon for those shots in the church or even in the small vestry. It costs £4,503-. You surely will use a 50mm Distagon at £2,407- and a standard 80mm plannar for those pictures of the bride and her family at home. It is only £1,498-. A further £2,332- will do for a 150mm tele Sonnar to be used for some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. You also invest £5,011- in a Schneider 140-280mm Zoom lens for those unobtrusive and candid shots you want of your guests at the reception. You know of course that taking your pictures digitally, each picture can be perfect on this perfect day.
There is a Canon 35mm 5Ds body for £5,199-, and a Canon 5D Mk3 body (£2300-) with a 16mm to 35mm f2.8L glass lens available for less than 1,400-, a Canon 24mm to 70mm f2.8L glass lens for less than 1,700- and a Canon 70 to 200mm 2.8L with Image Stabilisation at £2,219- for longer still shots in the church, and you will have to invest in the fastest Mac-Pro computers from Apple Mac with "Mavericks", as they are the standards in the graphics and imaging industry. They are not cheap but are needed to deliver these stunning images. You will also have invested in the latest technologies for a back-up system, where you backup all your data in several different locations simultaneously, as well as on your own cloud space.

You may have order your stock of media from Epson, Ilford, Kodak, Fuji and Polaroid since they helped you to win eleven European GOLD Awards for achieving the highest standards using their products. Your fast memory cards from Lexar, they carry a lifetime guarantee but also feature a rescue program which prevent any file to be lost! You also know that your photographs even the digital ones, printed on Kodak professional papers carry a lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately these papers are not cheap. But then again don’t forget it is a wedding coverage you are after! Finally, to be sure of the best printing quality you also choose a professional photographic laboratory with a team of experts who will hand print to your own specifications.

You will have to read up 35 years of wedding photography experience combined with 23 years of Digital Imaging practice and consultancy to make sure your equipment is used correctly (there are some tricky operations), minimising interference on your concentration for creativity. You would also have achieved the highest professional qualifications as a Fellow of the Master Photographers Association, a Fellow of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and Fellow of the Royal
Photographic Society. You have also been voted Pictorial Master Photographer in the Year 2001, won the Award in Travel Category in the Welsh region of the MPA 2009, and a Gold Award in July 2009 at the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers .

Finally, in the unlikely event that the weather is not as good as you hoped, you have anticipated a “plan B” so that the bride can still have some special memorable portraits taken indoor in a purpose built photographic studio.

Then, after your 1428th
wedding coverage, you should get the hang of it!

But if you don’t want to wait that long, and don’t want to invest thousands of pounds in equipment, training and technical knowledge, you could
simply ask Daniel Valla photography to do it all for you... for much less than half of that, leaving you to get on with enjoying this wedding day, and reassuring the bride that her photographs will be looking as special as she is.

Daniel Valla FMPA FSWPP FRPS has the experience, the resources and the equipment to create your finest photographic memories right here in Pembrokeshire since 1980.

No one ever regretted buying quality!

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