Triptych created from original work by Jean Cocteau
at Chapelle Notre Dame de jerusalem in Frejus, France.

I have digitally transformed the original photographs of the stain glass windows to create this triptych
and entered it in "theimagefile Triptych Competition 2007", (Red Green an Blue images) in July 2007.


Imaginative interpretations of the brief and sheer diversity of the imagery make competition a huge success.

Firstly, a huge ‘thank you’ to all the entrants of themagefile 2007 triptych competition; the response was truly awesome.
The imaginative interpretations of the brief and sheer diversity of the imagery demonstrated the creativity that is generally focused on generating incomes.
It was a real pleasure to see it set loose for a while!

theimagefile was very lucky to persuade Martin Grahame-Dunn to be the competition Judge. Martin runs ‘Illuminatus’ The International Academy of Photography from their base in Spain.
Martin was absolutely the right man for the job. He said, "It was certainly not easy to decide upon the winners, particularly as the brief was a challenge in itself, requiring a great deal of thought to the content.
The Triptych has been used in many ways over the centuries but there has also been one common set of rules that has dominated their construction. The central panel is the key image that must be supported by the two sides.
Therefore it follows that if you simply chose three identical images re-coloured in Photoshop your chances of success would be slim... All briefs require some research before implementation and this one was no different.
"He continued, "I am very pleased to announce that the winners were:
Penelope Duns from Belgium for her abstract monochrome triptych, Daniel Valla and Maria Scard".

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